1) Owner of horse must be an ESQHA member.

2) Horse must be registered with AQHA.

3) Points will not count before membership date; to be verified by cancelled check and/or postal date.

4) If a horse is sold; points will go with the horse (open) and continue if the new owner is a member or at the date the owner becomes a member.

5) Youth rules will be set by ESQHYA.

6) Amateur exhibitor must be an ESQHA member for points in amateur classes

7) Amateur select may indicate that all there points amateur or select be counted as select or amateur.

8) All ESQHA or ESQHYA  shows will count double in points.

9) ESQHA will point shows held in New York State between January 1 thru September 30 if requested in a timely manner, as long as they are not held on the same dates as one of ESQHA or ESQHYA shows.  Stand alone special events are excluded.

10) ESQHA will compile points from a copy of the official AQHA results.  These must be forwarded to ESQHA secretary within ten days of the show.  Any corrections must be forwarded to ESQHA secretary.   No changes and/or results will be accepted past October 15.

11) To qualify for a year end award an exhibitor and/or horse must show (NOT PLACE) to a minimum of 4 judges in the respective class, at an ESQHA or ESQHYA sponsored show.

12) An exhibitor and/or horse must place 7 times in the offered class at a pointed show. 

             ** Example: Senior Western Pleasure – must have shown (not necessarily placed)  minimum 4 times at ESQHA or ESQHYA sponsored show and have placed in a total of 7 pointed shows.

13) Points will be awarded for one point for each horse the exhibitor and/or horse defeats, plus one point for the exhibitor.  Placings will count from first to tenth.                                                                                                                                          

                 **Example: (17) in class; first place is 17 points; at an ESQHA or ESQHYA show it would be 34 points.  Five in class; first place is 5 points at an ESQHA or ESQHYA show it would be 10 points.  One in class; first place is 1 point; at an ESQHA or ESQHYA show it would be 2 points.

14) Halter: Grand Champion of the sex division shall be awarded one point more than any other horse  in its division.  Reserve champion will receive as many points as any other horse in its division, except grand.

15) Arrangements must be made to pick up awards if not attending banquet.  Awards will be retained for 6 months; after that point the rights to the awards will be forfeited back to ESQHA.

16) Open trail riding and open show awards have their own set of rules.  Contact point keeper for rules and forms.