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Open Showing Award Program



The purpose of the ESQHA Promotion Award Program is to recognize ESQHA members who show their Quarter Horse at local open and 4-H shows.

  1. Horse must be a registered Quarter Horse.
  2. Exhibitors must be a current ESQHA member prior to the show date. ESQHYA membership alone does not qualify for membership.
  3. Points/placing are per horse/rider team.
  4. Shows must be held in New York State.
  5. Points carry over from year to year for the continuum awards.
  6. Shows from 11/1 of the previous year to 10/31 of the current year will count towards the Year-End Awards
  7. A member must receive points in at least five (5) shows per event before becoming eligible for an award.
  8. Walk/Trot is included in the Youth Division.
  9. Only local Open and 4-H shows/competitions will count. If show is doubled judged, then show will count as two shows.
  10. Six places will count for points. First – 6 pts, Second – 5 pts, etc. However, points awarded to first place will not exceed the number of entries in the class. (I.e. First place would receive two points if there were only two entries in the class.)
  11. Dressage points are as follows: 70 plus test score 6 pts, 65-69 5pts 60-64, 4pts 55-59, 3pts 50-54, 2pts, 45-49 1 point.
  12. Team Penning points: Only highest horse/rider placing in class will receive points.
  13. All points earned will count towards Year-End and Continuum Awards.
  14. Participants must complete an official ESQHA Promotion Award Show form for each show and have the Show Secretary verify information.
  15. Show forms must be submitted to Kathy Stoll, 2323 Whitaker Rd, Forestville, New York 14062 and be postmarked by 10/31 of the qualifying year to be counted for the Year-End Award.
  16. It is the total responsibility of the participant to complete the show form accurately and completely. If not, points earned for that show will not count.
  17. Participant must put in the seat ridden on the form so that points earned will be applied accurately to the proper Division.
  18. All Log Forms and Information, Contact Kathy Stoll (Kstoll@localnet.com)                       Click Here For ” ESQHA OPEN SHOW AWARD ”                                                                         Click Here For ” ESQHA TRAIL RIDING PROGRAM


  • Youth – 18 & under (included Walk/trot)
  • Adult – 19 & over
  • Youth Western – includes Halter/Showmanship & all classes ridden in western attire)
  • Adult Western- same as above
  • Youth English- (includes Halter/Showmanship & all classes ridden in English attire)
  • Adult English – same as above

SPEED PERFORMANCE (includes all timed events)

  • Team Penning
  • Ranch Horse
  • Driving
  • Eventing
  • Dressage
  • Any other competition open to all breeds

* Events with less than 5 participants will be combined into a One Performance Award category for year-end awards. If in any one of the Asterisk divisions there are 5 or more participants then an individual year-end award will be given for that division THIS IS A CHANGE STARTING WITH THE 2003 YEAR-END AWARDS. AWARDS

Year-End High Point & Reserve (each division)


  • Bronze Award (must accumulate 75 points in each division)
  • Silver Award (must accumulate 175 points in each division)
  • Gold Award (must accumulate 350 points in each division)
  • Supreme Champion Award (must accumulate 1000 points in each division)