The Empire State Quarter Horse Association (ESQHA) is the New York State AQHA Affiliate. AQHA is the world’s largest equine breed registry and membership organization. ESQHA was formed back in 1962, by a group of local horsemen that wanted to promote and showcase quarter horses in our area.

Back then, as today, we believe in the quarter horse because of their vast versatility, athleticism, loyalty, and classic, well-muscled beauty. Known as the first true all- American Horse Breed, they have gained worldwide respect.

The Quarter Horse has become a staple on the ranch, in the show ring, on the racetrack, on the trail and as the perfect partner.

We, as an organization, promote the values of owning and exhibiting quarter horses. We encourage sportsmanship, family values, humane and dignified treatment of the American Quarter Horse.

We accomplish this with Clinics, Youth Organization, AQHA approved Horse Shows, AQHA Novice Show and Introductory Show, Open Horseshow Program and partnerships with local horse associations. Whether you are ready to start showing, someone who just loves American Quarter Horses, or anywhere in between, AQHA and ESQHA are here to help you make the most of those moments.

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