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Year End & High Point Awards


  • The owners and riders of horses competing in an EPRHA event must comply with both NRHA and EPRHA membership requirements, being current members in good standing for money earned/points earned to count toward year-end awards.
  • The earnings/points are not counted retroactively, only from the day the membership is received by The Eastern Pennsylvania Reining Horse Association (EPRHA) to the end of the award year. All entry information represented on entry forms must accurately state the competition license number for the horse (except for horses being shown in Green Rider Level II classes only), the current membership number for the rider, and the current membership number(s) for the owner(s) for earnings to count.
  • The earnings will be awarded on a “one horse-one rider” combination in the Non-Pro, Intermediate Non-Pro, Limited Non-Pro, Prime Time Non-Pro, Novice Horse Non-Pro Levels I and II, Rookie Levels I and II, Prime Time Rookie, Green Rider Level II and all Youth Classes.
  • Youth and Green Rider Level II year-end awards will be based on Points. All other classes will be based upon money earned.
  • The earnings will be awarded to the horse in the Open, Intermediate Open, Limited Open, Rookie Professional, and Novice Horse Open Levels I and II classes. A horse must show in more than one class per division to be eligible for year end awards. The award will be presented to the owner(s) of record at the completion of the EPRHA awards year. The award will be presented to the rider in all other classes and the horse/rider combination must show in more than one class to be eligible for year end awards.
  • Please be sure to join at the beginning of the show year to insure your money and points will be counted through the entire show year. It is the responsibility of the Rider/Owner showing at EPRHA events to complete membership forms. The Office staff is not responsible for the completion of the membership form, even if your dues are a part of a show bill. Joining prior to the show year begins is recommended, and the form and dues owed should be returned to the individual in charge of membership as noted on the membership form. A form lost in transit to this person is not the responsibility of EPRHA or this individual. Verification of membership by the Owner/Rideris strongly recommended before showing at the first EPRHA event.